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ONE LOGIC relies on independent, objective partners, such as BARC, the experts for data & analytics strategy, architecture and technology assessment, for market and trend analyses.
Information is power when it comes to making an informed decision about your AI and data-science solutions. BARC and its analysts have in-depth expertise at their disposal, allowing for an unbiased view of current market developments.

ONE LOGIC offers you these exclusive BARC studies, with our compliments.

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“Driving Innovation with AI – Getting Ahead with DataOps and MLOps”

“Companies familiar with topics around DataOps and MLOps have more realistic expectations about what they can achieve with machine learning and can better plan ML projects. Data/MLOps users are 3.5 times less likely to be confronted with overwhelming complexity.”

Published: June 2022

Authors: Alexander Rode, Timm Grosser

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“BARC Guide Data, BI & Analytics 2022”

Excerpt about ONE LOGIC from “BARC Guide Data, BI & Analytics 2022”:

“The BARC Guide provides overviews of software products in the area of BI, Analytics & CPM, Data Management & Data Storage, as well as a general overview of various companies in the area of Data and Analytics with their services”, including ONE LOGIC.”

Published: November 2021

Authors: Larissa Baier, Dr. Carsten Bange, Jacqueline Bloemen, Dr. Christian Fuchs, Timm Grosser, Patrick Keller, Alexander Rode, Regina Schmidt

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“Analytics Unchained: Unleash the Power of Analytics with Integrated Software”

“In this study, BARC examines the requirements of tightly integrated modern data and analytics software. They elaborate on the obstacles for re-using data, models and visualizations and the benefits achieved when using integrated data and analytics software.”

Published: May 2021

Authors: Nina Lorenz, Robert Tischler

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