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thyssenkrupp Steel Europe (SE) AG, headquartered in Duisburg, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flat carbon steel. Based in Europe, this highly specialized company has a widespread presence and does more than produce innovative steel products: It also generates huge volumes of data—including customer offers and orders for raw material deliveries, quality assurance, storage and worldwide transport logistics using its own inland port or railway.

30-70 % faster creation of data products and data analysis with ONE DATA Cartography

The enterprise is highly complex and planning very challenging. As a result, multiple, disparate databases and systems are used to manually connect data— a slow and laborious process.

Breaking Down Data Silos with ONE DATA Cartography

While some data may be consistent within individual departments and specialty fields, there is no clear insight or overview of jurisdictions, dependencies, and interrelationships across departments.

As a result, thyssenkrupp SE faced the challenge of fully exploiting the potential of its data. The company recognized this early on and began looking for solutions internally and externally many years ago. To this end, the collaboration between thyssenkrupp SE and ONE LOGIC began with the aim of using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically connect existing and future company data and facilitate data analysis.

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With the help of ONE DATA Cartography, data silos are broken down. Data is cleaned, structured, and then automatically merged and organized in a meaningful way.

“Freeing data from transactional prisons”

“We want to do more than just manage data. We want to free data from its transactional prisons—our fragmented, subject-related ‘data landscapes’—where it serves a limited purpose, providing partial information for specific processes. We are creating a new, overarching data layer that we can utilize and evaluate consistently and comprehensively,” is how Dieter Großmann, Head of Data Intelligence at thyssenkrupp SE, describes the challenges facing the company.

ONE DATA Cartography merges vast data volumes to create the conditions for filling the Data Catalogue. This process is AI-driven and based largely on a data lake comprised of billions of pieces of raw data, as well as other systems.

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ONE DATA Cartography from ONE LOGIC clearly visualizes data as a map.

Developing a Smart Holistic Twin on ONE DATA Cartography

In the next project step, the steel company’s data experts will work closely with the respective specialist departments to set up various applications and cockpits (i.e.: build data products) on ONE DATA Cartography, and network and combine these. Work is currently underway on data products for the supply chain sector, including order schedule forecasting and production simulation—typical scenarios for a digital twin. However, thyssenkrupp SE wants to go one step further to reach a new goal and create a Smart Holistic Twin as an AI-enhanced, complete creation that is more than simply a ‘digital product twin’. This will be achieved using ONE DATA Cartography as the foundation and start by utilizing original heterogeneous data from different sources and systems as if it came from a coherent, interconnected, and linked system.

The data landscape at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

Exciting possibilities and big savings

Developing ONE DATA Cartography, the Smart Holistic Twin, and other data products have empowered thyssenkrupp Steel Europe in its rapid digital transformation. Working more proactively and transforming company data into tangible added value can unlock new potential and open up new possibilities, while driving down costs. ONE LOGIC will continue to support thyssenkrupp Steel Europe on this path to a data-driven future.

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“Without ONE LOGIC and the willingness of their project managers and teams to keep rethinking and understanding what thyssenkrupp Steel Europe wants to achieve, we would not have come this far and would not be where we are today.”

Dieter GrossmannHead of Enterprise Platforms & Data Intelligence, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

1. Optimized transport logistics and adherence to delivery schedules

Increased delivery reliability in the O2C process by 9% by merging heterogeneous data.

2. Improved networking capital

Optimized networking capital by linking warehouse, financial, production, and order data.

3. Less friction in the supply chain 

Possible risks and additional costs within the supply chain are determined, calculated, and visualized in real time.

ONE DATA Cartography

With ONE DATA Cartography, you use AI to automatically identify weak points, disclose data connections, and keep an overview of your inventory. This builds a data foundation on which data products can be quickly and easily implemented, allowing you to achieve greater productivity, sustainability, and transparency company wide.

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thyssenkrupp Steel Europe (SE) AG, headquartered in Duisburg, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flat carbon steel.

  • With ONE DATA Cartography, thyssenkrupp SE succeeds in creating a comprehensive data map
  • The development of the Smart Holistic Twin has empowered thyssenkrupp SE in its rapid digital transformation

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