Enabling highly accurate sales forecasts for the Markant trade cooperation

Will sales of disinfectants increase just as much in the coming lockdown? Sales fluctuations, such as those triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic, are just one of the many challenges faced by the around 14,000 suppliers and 150 dealers of Markant Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG —Europe’s largest trade and service cooperation. The company supports its customers with shared services around logistics, finance, and communications.

546forecasts per second calculated by ONE DATA

Retailers and the manufacturers supplying them have one thing in common: the need for highly accurate forecasts regarding future sales volumes. These forecasts help improve planning accuracy, reduce packaging waste and superfluous transports, increase sales—and, if necessary, help avoid empty shelves by using an adaptive algorithm.

The experience and insights gained when building the Markant Analysis and Forecasting Platform (MAPP) were incorporated into the development of ONE LOGIC’s ONE DATA Demand Sensing data product. This allows all customers to optimize their value chain based on precise forecasts.

Conserve resources and boost sales

What Markant partners lacked against a backdrop of strong sales fluctuations was a uniform, cross-partner planning tool to predict sales and production volumes as accurately as possible.

The goal: Reduce resource consumption and increase sales. This is exactly where the Markant Analysis and Forecasting Platform (MAPP) developed by ONE LOGIC comes into play.

Different planning by suppliers and retailers can lead to conflicting goals.

Mining the data treasure trove together

“The individual companies were sitting on a treasure trove of data that no one had unearthed yet. Why not merge these largely untapped data sources, evaluate them centrally and then make the results available again to the individual company?”, asks Reiner Sailer, Business Unit Manager B2B Integration at Markant, about the vision of the planning tool.

With its Data Product Builder ONE DATA, ONE LOGIC initially aggregated and anonymized the forecast sales figures of all retailers and then linked and synchronized all this data in the next step. A weekly production planning system for suppliers and an early warning system for all partners is created six months in advance. The result: Cross-dealer forecast quality that is significantly more accurate than even the best forecasts by a single supplier.

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Defy Fluctuations with High Speed

The system utilizes historical data and takes factors such as flu waves, holidays, discount campaigns or extreme weather fluctuations into account. MAPP calculates around 1.6 billion forecasts in just four hours.

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By taking into account event- and seasonal fluctuations, the reliability of forecasts improves.

6 months to the Finished Data Product

The system went live after just six months, thanks to the Data Product Builder ONE DATA. Designed for fast, flexible implementations, it simplifies the development of workflows via drag and drop. Plus, other systems, data and users are easily connected.

By the way: Using ONE DATA Demand Sensing, ONE LOGIC customers can use similar functions and applications themselves. With AI and machine learning, they can quickly and comprehensively analyze future demand. Demand Sensing then synchronizes production, logistics, sales, and distribution processes. In this way, companies can fully realize their sales potential and achieve a considerable competitive advantage.

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reiner sailer

“Thanks to our cooperation with ONE LOGIC, our partners on the Markant forecasting platform can now forecast the sales of several thousand near-food products across all our trading partners much more precisely than before. This opens up completely new possibilities, especially for our contract suppliers.”

Reiner SailerLead Service Owner B2B-Integration, Markant Services International

1. Increased sales

Predicting customer requirements more accurately helps reduce storage times. Plus, optimal pre-configuration increases sales in various markets.

2. Better forecasts 

Aggregating and anonymizing the forecast sales figures of all traders can dramatically improve forecast quality over forecasts by individual suppliers.

3. Fast go-live

Thanks to the flexible implementation options of the Data Product Builder ONE DATA, the system went live within six months.

ONE DATA Demand Sensing

Fast and reliable forecasts: ONE DATA Demand Sensing integrates relevant departments and data silos into the forecast to synchronize production, logistics, and sales processes. Customers only produce what will sell in the future, reducing operating and transport costs, and increasing the satisfaction of their customers.

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With around 14,000 suppliers and 150 dealers, Markant Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG is the largest trade and service cooperation in Europe.

  • On behalf of Markant, ONE LOGIC developed an analysis and forecasting platform to serve these companies
  • In comparison to individual forecasts by suppliers and dealers, this platform significantly improves the accuracy of predicting sales volumes

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