Higher Supply Chain Performance: ONE DATA Supply Chain Creates Transparency and Eliminates Bottlenecks

Amid international challenges such as the pandemic, the ongoing chip crisis, and sudden delivery suspensions at relevant trading points, wide networks of supply chains have become fragile. With ONE DATA Supply Chain, ONE LOGIC offers a product that operates across systems with both internal and external data and can prevent bottlenecks. A use case in the pharmaceutical industry shows what is possible in the supply chain.

100%compliance with delivery requirements

In recent years, collaborations between pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs)—contract manufacturers involved in the production of pharmaceuticals—have become fully established.

The advantages are clear: Businesses can conserve their resources, seek further expertise, and multiply their production capacities simultaneously.

Understanding and managing collaboration with multiple players

However, these collaborations can be complex. Our client, for example, collaborated with around 10 CMOs in a transnational pharmaceutical production project involving over 50 production partners. Despite the vast number of key players, the pharmaceutical company had to comply with the industry’s strict GMP-standard (Good Manufacturing Practice) production and delivery requirements. This is a detailed list of guidelines that sets out clear standards for the organization, process execution and documentation in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

Against this backdrop, the company faced different data challenges: With materials being procured by different companies and teams, a centralized overview in real time was essential. The materials often have different article numbers or manufacturer designations but are otherwise identical. Moreover, a uniform and harmonized system across different production sites is essential for smooth-running processes.

Based on the range of storage, the heat map shows which materials require action. Parameters such as stock levels, submitted or confirmed orders, delivery deadlines, and quality assurance deadlines are considered.

Andreas Böhm, founder and managing director of ONE LOGIC, explains: “Working with our customers, we know that complex supply chains contain a multitude of different data and data sources. In AI projects, almost 80 to 90 percent of the work is preparing the data so that it fits together.”

Automatically linking supply chain data and finding alternatives

A centralized data solution, ONE DATA Supply Chain automates this step, collecting and analyzing all supply chain-relevant data in real time. This results in a range of benefits for those working in supply chains, regardless of the industry. With the consolidated data, our customer established a uniform data ‘picture’ for all suppliers, CMOs, and materials and also brought complete transparency to material inventory, demand, and deliveries.

The challenge of various material numbers mentioned earlier was eliminated with material matching. This uses algorithms that recognize existing inventory, such as medical gloves, technical equipment, or glass vials, and suggests them for use regardless of their material number.

dr andreas boehm onelogic
Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director

“In our experience, a supply chain optimization system like this can be implemented within a quarter.”

Yet ONE DATA Supply Chain goes even further. Based on the range of storage, a heat map shows users which production materials are available in their own company and across the entire supply chain. If bottlenecks are imminent at one point, the solution finds the most sensible alternative, regardless of whether the components are in stock in the company’s warehouse, at another production facility, or at an external supplier.

All sides stand to benefit from a transparent supplier network

As our case study illustrates, when the CMOs and suppliers join forces to collect data, everyone wins. With a supplier network, companies can add resilience to their supply chain and find replacements more easily. Suppliers are considered in every decision, creating more revenue opportunities.

Supplier data can further increase supply chain visibility and performance.

This ONE LOGIC customer is very satisfied with the results. Strict delivery requirements within production were met in all cases, and an integrated early warning system and data-based procurement options helped to circumvent bottlenecks. All this played a part in bringing a new pharmaceutical product to market in the shortest possible time.

Did you know? With ONE DATA Cartography, you can ensure the quality of the data across your supply chain. By bundling all relevant data sources, Cartography enables your systems to “talk to each other”. This ensures faster data preparation and gives your data even more business value.

ONE DATA Supply Chain can be applied to supply chains across all industries and allows you to

  • Maintain your production flow through alternative scenarios
  • Increase the quality and reliability of your supply chain management
  • Ensure full transparency
  • Go live in the shortest possible time
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By the way: With ONE DATA Cartography, you create the perfect data foundation for ONE DATA Supply Chain: ONE DATA Cartography automatically creates a consolidated “map” of your supply chains across all locations, suppliers, and IT systems. This allows you to easily identify weak points, disclose all data connections, and optimize stock levels. Then you are free to implement ONE DATA Supply Chain in the shortest possible timeframe to unlock the greatest potential from your data resources.

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Numerous stakeholders are involved along complex supply chains. In the pharmaceutical industry, keeping processes running depends on numerous suppliers (CMOs) working seamlessly together.
If an essential component is missing during the manufacturing process, the entire production can grind to a halt.

For a client in the pharmaceutical industry, ONE LOGIC demonstrated how such bottlenecks in supply chains can be avoided by using data:

  • Supply chain data is automatically linked and analyzed in real time.
  • All stock in the inventory is recognized even if the same items have been assigned different material numbers. They can then be used where bottlenecks occur
  • A heatmap shows which production materials are available where—including within the company and beyond the supply chain.

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