How Delivery Tracking Can Turn Waiting Times Into a Positive Experience

Regardless of whether they’re products for end consumers or businesses: After placing an order, customers want to know when their order will be arriving. Depending on the production and delivery processes, predicting the delivery schedule can be a major headache for manufacturers.

46%of customers would be willing to pay more for faster deliveries*

Customers appreciate being notified of a fixed delivery date. They also expect to be kept in the loop regarding the status of their order.

Ideally, companies can use this ‘waiting time’ to their advantage—from the production process to transport, keeping customers updated helps them feel included and cared about. Plus, companies can take advantage of upselling opportunities. Process and delivery schedules are therefore of great importance to both parties.

*Capterra survey, October 2021

Real-time schedule forecasting

ONE LOGIC used a data product based on the Data Product Builder ONE DATA to help a customer in the manufacturing industry meet the challenges of creating a positive customer journey.

First, the solution was integrated into the existing system landscape. Then, taking the company schedule and throughput times into account, the Data Product Builder ONE DATA applied a machine-learning algorithm to calculate a delivery forecast with the highest possible accuracy. This was achieved despite complex production processes and lengthy supply chains.

The solution calculates the expected delivery date in real time, taking downtime and throughput times into account, even in complex supply chains.

Reliable delivery times drive a satisfying customer journey

The ability to calculate the delivery date in real time enabled the manufacturer to offer a new, more positive customer experience. Now, the process—from contract and production to transport and delivery— could be staged as a satisfying journey for customers while they waited for their goods.

To achieve this, an app implemented in the data product visualized the result of the calculations, so that buyers could follow the path of their product on a map in real time. Background information could also be retrieved for each of the fourteen supply chain milestones. A timer counting down highlighted the accuracy of the delivery forecast and added an element of excitement and anticipation to the wait.

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With the delivery date tracking solution, the waiting time can be used to strengthen the customer relationship and enhance customer satisfaction.

1. Accurate forecasts

Thanks to the reliable and dynamic calculation of the delivery date enabled by the Data Product Builder ONE DATA, customers are always aware of when they’ll receive your product.

2. Stronger customer relationship

The visualization of the transport route in an app (including background information on the respective supply chain milestones) shortens the waiting time and makes it more satisfying.

3. Increased sales

The active involvement of customers in the passive waiting period opened up additional up-selling opportunities for the company.

4. Faster go-live

The Data Product Builder ONE DATA ensured a smooth, holistic implementation that was around 50% faster.

Data Product Builder ONE DATA

The strong foundation for all our complementary data products: Our ONE DATA data product supports holistic and efficient management of all data, models, and applications. Data products can therefore go live much faster.

st dpb 1

Visualized time series correlation in the Data Product Builder ONE DATA.

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When it comes to highly customizable products, buyers must usually accept longer waiting times. How can this time be proactively used to benefit companies?

Our Data Product Builder ONE DATA provides answers:

  • An algorithm calculates the expected delivery date in real time and for greater reliability and transparency
  • An app visualizes the transport route and offers background information and up-selling options to help strengthen customer loyalty and increases sales

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