Here’s How To Anticipate Which Models Customers Will Love Most

Which products should you have in stock to best meet customer demand? Our Data Product Builder ONE DATA has the answer.

13%increase in turnover for additional features*

Whether sports car, family van, or e-car—customers have an enormous variety of models and equipment to choose from. That’s not to mention the seemingly endless customization options. What customers ultimately decide, however, depends on numerous factors, such as their country of origin, culture, and individual preferences. While customers face a range of options, retailers are always attempting to answer the same question: Which products in which configurations must they have in stock to best meet demand?

Ideally, retailers need to know today what the buyer wants tomorrow. On this basis of this ‘crystal ball’, they can fully exploit market potential, generate more sales, and minimize warehousing.

*Calculation of the customer

Perfecting the entire ordering process for retailers

To this end, we created the Sales Configuration Recommendation Engine. It displays customer wishes virtually in advance, based on factors including the customer’s internet configuration data, as well as historical sales data from retailers. All data is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, the retailer can initiate a pre-configured order at the push of a button.

The Sales Configuration Recommendation Engine is built on our Data Product Builder ONE DATA. Users particularly enjoy the prefabricated modules and the speed with which the algorithms can be implemented. In addition, the finished application can be easily integrated into the customer’s existing system landscape. The result? A fully digitalized ordering and sales process.

Indicating customer wishes virtually in advance - for example, on the basis of customers' Internet configuration data as well as on historical sales data from dealers.

Enabling centralized sales management

A key advantage of the Data Product Builder ONE DATA is the ability to rapidly establish front-end solutions for end users. As a result, employees from various companies—including, for example, experts from upstream manufacturing companies—can also put together an optimal warehouse portfolio based on the AI recommendations.

Overall, the Sales Configuration Recommendation Engine centralizes sales management, which is particularly important for new product options and model changes. In addition, the system contains so-called ‘black lists’ for missing or unavailable options. This avoids configurations that cannot currently be delivered.

Using big data analytics and artificial intelligence, you will know today what your customers want in the future. As a result, you increase customer satisfaction, save manual configuration effort, and exploit your market potential even better.

1. Increased sales

Predicting customer requirements ultimately leads to reduced storage times. In addition, optimal pre-configuration helps increase sales in various markets.

2. Higher customer satisfaction

Optimized supply chains and better availability lead to higher customer satisfaction—because the product they desire is more likely to be available.

3. Seamless implementation

The entire system can be easily and seamlessly implemented into the customer’s IT system. The sales processes for distributors don’t change.

4. Successful roll-out

Due to its success, the data product is already in use by several manufacturers, both internationally and nationwide.

Data Product Builder ONE DATA
The strong foundation for all our complementary data products: Our ONE DATA data product supports holistic and efficient management of all data, models, and applications. Data products can therefore go live much faster.

st salesconfigurator

Calculation of a forecast in the Data Product Builder ONE DATA.

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Customers want customized products which results in a vast range of features on offer. How can retailers better anticipate and meet customer needs so that no sales are lost?
Our Sales Configuration Recommendation Engine has the answers:

  • Due to advanced analytics, retailers can know today what the customer will want tomorrow
  • Sales potential can be more fully exploited, customer wishes fulfilled, and supply chains optimized

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