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With a system-based analysis of your data and the development of customer-centric software we generate sustainable findings, which then improve your decisions and allocate your resources in an optimum way. Five German DAX companies, several medium-sized enterprises, mid caps as well as emerging companies rely on our services in terms of Data Science and Software Development.

Software Solutions

We develop software according to your requirements and are looking forward to challenging assignments on both technological as well as conceptual levels. Due to close cooperation with universities and partner companies we remain at the heart of technological progress and are able to adapt perfectly to your individual requests.

The following project examples give you first insights in our work.

We are currently developing complex cost management and supply chain optimization software for a leading German automobile manufacturer. Based on this software we enable the company to calculate its cost of production of specific constructional elements worldwide. The program thereby considers different data, e.g. wage, transport or tooling costs. The findings gathered enable the client to attain full cost transparency of all brands and suppliers and also allow information based acquisition negotiations, essential to achieving significant measurable reductions in purchasing costs.

For several clients we analyze established software systems with respect to their architecture, stability, security and performance. By compiling independent surveys, which portray a realistic picture of their software, we are able to identify potential weak points and help discover possibilities for optimisation, security deficiencies or modeling errors. This prevents our clients from incurring subsequent high costs. If requested, we implement our suggestions as well.

For an investment management company we are developing a risk monitoring software. Each customer of this company has the possibility to set up an account to manage his money with a maximum loss risk and a warning signal. Our software monitors the fluctuations of the assets 24/7 for all customers at any given minute. If a certain risk limit is reached, the customer automatically receives notice or his portfolio is sold. This way the customer can determine exactly how much money he is willing to invest or to risk.

Data Science

You have important decisions to make but only a batch of data for basic information? We transform your data into valuable findings using mathematical and statistical models. This way you will be pulling the right strings for your success.

Below we illustrate four scenarios of how smart analysis can lead to an optimization of resources.

Predictive Analytics for Needs-Based Production of Consumables and Prevention of Empty Runs

Fact Sheet

A leading provider of consumables supplies 20,000 customers from the hotel and restaurant industry in the UK with targeted supply concepts. The customers are able to choose from several contract modalities which determine the order quantity of materials in advance. In order to serve the customers best the purchase of the quantity ordered is not compulsory.


On delivery date customers are allowed to decide at short notice if the predefined order quantity is needed or has to be adjusted according to demand. Thereby, 30% of the quantity ordered is not purchased on site. As a consequence, empty runs of the suppliers occur.


ONE DATA analyses order and purchase history and selects a suitable prediction model in order to forecast the actual demand on delivery date with a maximal deviation of 10%. By considering additional external influencing factors as weather data, data on sport events or holidays, prediction accuracy is further improved.

Added Value:

  • Improved estimate on actual average demand per customer
  • Prevention of empty runs
  • Reduction of overproduction by 50%
  • More efficient goods management
  • Optimization of logistics

Evaluation of Quantitatively Measurable Effects of Marketing Activities

Fact Sheet

mymuesli is a multi-award winning producer of BIO-muesli and provides several countries across Europe with its products from two main sites. The company employs different marketing activities across various channels to increase sales and brand visibility of mymuesli.


Long-term effects of small or larger marketing activities do not necessarily account for their initial efforts and expenses. mymuesli aims to generate insights which of their activities are suitable for long-term sales increase. Based on these insights the company also desires to improve the development of future activities accordingly.


By using empirical scenarios and all available data ONE DATA is able to make sustainable and long-term effects of selected marketing activities measurable. It provides mymuesli with guidance and transparency based on past activities’ insights for the improved development of future activities. By using Cohort Analyses and Advanced Analytics ONE DATA shows effects for different customer groups (e.g. new or returning customers, regional customer groups, etc.) in order to enable targeted customer communication for long-term added value.

Added Value:

  • Measurability of campaign effectiveness
  • Targeted use of advertising budget
  • Reduction of cost
  • Guidance for future activities
  • Increase of brand visibility

Semantic Analysis for Targeted Acquisition of Industry News

Fact Sheet

A leading producer of house hold consumables ensures its competitive advantage in procurement by gathering early industry information for its strategic and operative purchasers worldwide. Suitable and useful information assures margin and availability of goods.


Due to information overload and the huge amounts of news sources in the web, acquisition of relevant information is highly time-consuming and requires constant searching for new and more importantly, useful information. Existing tools as for instance, Google Alerts, only allow its users to access free information and convey the same information multiple times which prevents information yield. On the other hand, existing industry portals do not cover information which is considered as sufficiently detailed by the purchasers.


By applying intelligent Searches and Filters it is possible to select and process only those news which are relevant to the purchasers. This information is then delivered via desired channels (Atom, RSS, E-Mail, SkypeBot) and according to the exact preferences of the target group. ONE DATA combines information seeking (e.g. across portals, search engines, Twitter, ….), filtering, semantic analyses as well as the notification of the user.

Added Value:

  • Lower procurement cost
  • Higher availability of goods
  • Less effort for information acquisition

The ONE LOGIC Method

The ONE LOGIC method transforms Big Data to Smart Data. Our standardized methodical approach enables constant and automated generation of valuable findings to offer a found basis for decision.

Problem Scoping

Problem description and project planning

Information Acquisition

Relevant data extraction and derivation of preliminary ideas

Information Analysis

Clean data and pre-selection of the best tools

Initial Insight Generation

Generation of the first valuable insights through proprietary algorithms

Process Setup

Development of a completely integrated software solution

Continuous Insight Generation

Constant allocation of findings as a valuable basis for decisions


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