Reliably Prevent Expensive Production Downtime with AI

Geopolitical challenges, shortages of raw materials, and stock in short supply are putting pressure on global supply chains in many industries. Production can even come to a temporary standstill. ONE DATA Supply Chain uses artificial intelligence (AI) to keep production flows continuously moving.

Currently, many companies rely on supply-chain task forces. These staff invest huge amounts of time and manual effort attempting to stabilize production processes by looking for alternative suppliers or replacement components—while the separate ERP processes run in parallel. ONE DATA Supply Chain ensures greater speed, transparency, and security. The AI-based system monitors all supply chains via real-time interfaces, gives early warnings of bottlenecks, and shows alternative delivery and production scenarios. The result: A more resilient supply chain that helps avoid production downtimes and optimizes inventories.

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Two examples illustrate the scale of the challenge: An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) typically procures around 70 percent of the components of a car from suppliers—while up to 80 material suppliers may be involved in the production of medication in the pharma industry. If even a single individual supplier fails, it could lead to expensive production downtime. Also, some unused components may be at risk of decaying or degrading over time. That’s why ONE DATA Supply Chain integrates all production and supplier data. With our turnkey enabling technology, ONE DATA Cartography, this can be done automatically in real time and in parallel from any systems, including SAP, Navision, and local Excel tables. The result? A transparent view of all interactions across the entire supply chain.

This means that complications like impending bottlenecks and expiry dates can be identified early—even months in advance—so alternative scenarios may be considered. Production plans can be updated based on the components currently available, alternative supply chains, and optimized minimum and safety stock levels. For example, ONE DATA Supply Chain recognizes all identical components in the company’s own inventory or that of alternative suppliers, even if they have different product names.

Implementation is fast and typically completed in no more than three months. The customizable turnkey solution is available via the cloud or an on-premises connection, which end users can use directly— even if they’re not data science experts.

Agility Is the Key to Supply Chain Resilience

1. Avoid line stops through alternative scenarios

In the event of a bottleneck, ONE DATA Supply Chain uses an algorithm to provide possible scenarios for adapting production plans or to identify alternative locations and suppliers of critical components. This allows companies to react quickly to potential risks.

2. Increase the quality and reliability of supply chain management

Due to a high degree of automation, high production quality is assured even in very complex supply chains. ONE DATA Supply Chain eliminates time-consuming and extremely error-prone planning in Excel. This increases the quality of the underlying data to improve the accuracy of data analysis. Plus, our experience has shown that manual effort is reduced by around 80 percent.

3. Establish a reliable early warning system

Use data analysis with ONE DATA Supply Chain to identify complications with critical components early and not when production has already ground to a halt or components have expired. Initial warnings can be issued many months in advance to help avoid impending bottlenecks due to low minimum and safety stock levels, and upcoming expiry dates.

4. Ensure complete transparency

ONE DATA Supply Chain maps the entire supply chain, including all supplier data and production processes—and does so consistently, in real time, and across all stakeholder locations. This is achieved independently of the underlying systems and data formats. You can rest assured that rights-based access and a high level of data security are always preserved.

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Core Functions at a Glance

Comprehensive view of all inventories and demand

By comparing all data—such as warehousing, purchase orders, production plans, components, and parts lists—ONE DATA Supply Chain creates a complete virtual view of available components, plus the demand for them within the company. Thanks to ONE DATA Cartography, this is achieved automatically in real time and in parallel across all locations, suppliers, and systems for both individual materials and batch components. This creates a holistic view of the supply chains in real time. Standard and taskforce workstreams run hand in hand.

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AI- and ML-based early warning systems

An algorithm automatically identifies conspicuous events and anomalies in the supply chain and displays them in a heat map. An early warning system with customizable notifications across various communications channels informs the supply chain manager of potential bottlenecks, such as low levels of minimum or safety stock and impending expiry dates. It gets even better: This self-learning model is continuously improving via machine learning (ML).

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Scenario creation and material matching

ONE DATA Supply Chain calculates alternative scenarios based on the overall data, makes suggestions for production plan adaptations, and identifies alternative availability. It systematically compares data, so that, for example, all critical components are discoverable. In this way you’re always assured an accurate view of product availability—despite inconsistent component names and varying article numbers. Component expiry dates can also be taken into account when devising alternative scenarios.

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Seamless tracking

All measures and alternative scenarios are fully tracked. In addition, labeling and commenting functionality facilitates communication between stakeholders and helps reduce errors. ONE DATA Supply Chain can be connected via the company’s own user management system, granting access based on user roles and rights. It also integrates seamlessly into your tool landscape via dynamic links, putting full functionality at your users’ fingertips.

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Merging data in a quality-assured manner

ONE DATA Supply Chain is system-agnostic and connects all necessary production and supplier data in parallel from established or self-developed systems—regardless of data format. Simultaneously, ONE DATA Cartography analyzes data for consistency, quality, and duplicates—a task that typically consumes around 80 percent of a data manager’s time. ONE DATA Cartography helps automate and accelerate this process.

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The perfect foundation: ONE DATA Cartography

As a first step, it’s essential to establish the perfect data starting point for ONE DATA Supply Chain: ONE DATA Cartography automatically creates a consolidated “map” of your supply chains across all locations, suppliers, and IT systems. This allows you to easily identify weak points, disclose all data connections, and optimize stock levels. Then you’re free to implement ONE DATA Supply Chain in the shortest possible timeframe to unlock the greatest potential from your data resources.

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Identify possible supply bottlenecks many months in advance, continuously helping to prevent production downtimes.

Flexible cloud deployment

ONE LOGIC supports you in setting up your data infrastructure with flexible software provision. Depending on your current circumstances, ONE DATA Supply Chain can be implemented in as little as three months.

  • Cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform
  • Container-based cluster architecture via Kubernetes
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Download the free product flyer for ONE DATA Supply Chain: “Reliably Prevent Expensive Production Downtime with AI”

With ONE DATA Supply Chain, you systematically monitor all supply chains via real-time interfaces and receive early warnings of bottlenecks. In addition, our data product shows alternative delivery and production scenarios. In this way, production downtime can be prevented and inventories optimized.

  • Maintain production flow through alternative scenarios
  • Increase the quality and reliability of supply chain management
  • Establish a reliable early warning system
  • Ensure complete transparency
  • Go-live in no time

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