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Ideally, supply chains don’t incur losses and production systems are highly efficient. This is only possible if all the relevant ‘players’— inside and outside the company—have a networked data landscape. There can be no silos. ONE DATA Golden Record provides a consolidated view, a ‘single point of truth’ and perfectly complements ONE DATA Cartography.

Seamless data tracking opens up far-reaching opportunities. With the power of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) at their fingertips, users can, for example, identify and correct sources of errors in processes, resulting in potential cost savings across specialized departments. For this purpose, ONE DATA Golden Record compares data sets from different silos and quickly connects them, giving you a unified ‘window’ of your data landscape.

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This data product is the perfect complement to ONE DATA Cartography: Firstly, data is visualized as a ‘map’, continuously monitored, and then linked via ONE DATA Golden Record. A task that usually takes data science teams weeks, can now be completed at the touch of a button. This solves many common challenges, such as inconsistent data set names in systems for resource planning, data quality, and customer management. With ONE DATA Golden Record you’ll create a 360-degree view of these data sets. This helps you realize a range of benefits, from potential cost savings in license management, to increased reliability and transparency in accounting, and maximized quality assurance.

Reliable Information with High Business Value

1. Find sources of error and improve product quality

Faulty data connections lead to a great deal of additional effort downstream. However, at a local level—within the supply chain or production processes—these errors are difficult to find. ONE DATA Golden Record can solve this problem by connecting MES and QMS, for example, and making it possible to track individual batches. The results? Greater product quality and increased customer satisfaction.

2. Compare information for greater transparency

Are information and data conditions identical in all systems? ONE DATA Golden Record checks your entire data landscape for duplicates and deviations. The result is a data record, including product or customer IDs, that is accurately interlinked within the system and includes all relevant parameters.

3. Strengthen your negotiating position with a 360-degree customer view

When you’re negotiating, comprehensive information gives you an advantage. At the touch of a button, you get a single customer view, consolidated from every touch point. This gives you a true picture of a customer’s dealings with your company, including payments and previous interactions, providing the ideal framework for further discussions.

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Core Functions at a Glance

Unify and connect records with Record Linkage

In different systems, data sets are often subject to different naming rules. Using AI and machine learning, Record Linkage compares row values in two tables of a data source or compares tables from different data sources. The result is an accurately connected data set across every system.

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Check the quality of data connections

Do different references refer to the same customer or the same product? ONE DATA Golden Record calculates the distances between data assets in the same data set and the distance between data sets across silos. It then works out the total distance and finds the shortest distance or closest match between column pairs. The shorter the distance, the greater the similarities the data sets share. The quality of these data connections is displayed as a data map, so even complex and disparate information is easy to understand.

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Visualize and evaluate data connections

With a quality map, ONE DATA Golden Record illustrates the semantic relationships between data sets and the quality of those connections. In this way, data sets in different systems are visually unified. The link quality is marked with different colors.

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Link data sets throughout the data landscape—and open up new opportunities.

Flexible Cloud Deployment

ONE LOGIC integrates our data products into your ecosystem using flexible software deployment.

  • Cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform
  • Container-based cluster architecture using Kubernetes
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