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Those able to predict future demands can enhance the entire value chain. Data is the doorway to this opportunity. However, success depends on data quality, calculation models, and finally, the industrialization of the solution. Many data science projects fail at this last step.

That’s why we provide the optimal starting point for industrializing your data, with ONE DATA Demand Sensing: It offers precisely the level of customization that your specific application requires. The result? An efficient data product that yields dividends for the business with extremely reliable, company-specific forecasts.

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When we created ONE DATA Demand Sensing, we had a clear objective: To improve entrepreneurial market analysis by understanding demand more quickly, accurately, and more comprehensively. This data provides a solid foundation on which production, logistics, and sales processes can be precisely synchronized to maximize sales revenue—and your competitive advantage.

To achieve this, ONE DATA Demand Sensing uses various artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models and draws on numerous data sources in its calculations. It also corrects errors in data and establishes data links. This approach is essential to ensuring data transparency and offers a deep understanding of market events.

The result is a turnkey, customized product in the cloud or on your premises, which end users can work with themselves—even if they’re not data science experts.

Comprehensive Impact on Core Business Units Along Supply and Value Chains

1. Improve production planning

ONE DATA Demand Sensing aligns your production with highly accurate forecasts and ensures you only produce what will sell in the future. This reduces operating costs and increases productivity

2. Optimize warehouse management

Incorrect sales volume forecasting makes it difficult to manage warehouses efficiently. With ONE DATA Demand Sensing, you have the right product in stock at the right time—reducing storage costs and improving inventory quality

3. Synchronize transport logistics

Synchronize your transport logistics across your entire supply chain and distribute resources where they’re needed. This reduces transport costs and CO2 emissions

4. Increase customer satisfaction

With ONE DATA Demand Sensing, you can keep a watchful eye on supplies to your customer segments. On a wider scale, this can help accelerate sales growth and boost your market share

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Core Functions at a Glance

Integrating all departments and data silos

ONE DATA Demand Sensing creates forecasts for the point of sale, taking all elements of the supply chain into account: Production, logistics, and branch operations work with the same data and simultaneously receive forecasts tailored to them.

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Bundling all relevant data sources

Especially for non-seasonal products, it’s information from external sources—including weather forecasts and promotions—that perfects planning and forecasting. ONE DATA Demand Sensing bundles and analyzes internal and external data and instantly integrates it for a more reliable forecast.

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Forecasts based on AI and machine learning

In addition to linear regression and the moving average, Demand Sensing applies AI and machine learning algorithms and makes use of a unique learning model to deliver improved forcasting.

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Transparency through white-box techniques

ONE DATA Demand Sensing utilizes white-box techniques, including historization and free decision-making options, so you can expand with data products. Due to the openness and transparency of our white-box-approach, your forecasts won’t depend on individual employees, suppliers, or salespeople. So, you can scale up and accelerate forecasts with ease.

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The perfect foundation: ONE DATA Cartography

It’s important to start right. Build a strong foundation for our data products with ONE DATA Cartography. It automatically creates a ‘map’ to identify weak points, disclose all data connections, and continuously optimize your databases. This helps ensure that ONE DATA Demand Sensing generates value for your business in the shortest possible time.

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Develop reliable demand forecasts for efficient production planning.

Flexible cloud deployment

ONE LOGIC integrates our data products into your ecosystem using flexible software deployment.

  • Cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform
  • Container-based cluster architecture using Kubernetes
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