Manage Data Coherently with AI— and Use It Extensively

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Start your data journey right, at the touch of a button.

Poor data quality and misleading connections—these are the main stumbling blocks to successfully creating data products that add real value and establishing technical governance based on artificial intelligence (AI). ONE DATA Cartography ensures you’ll achieve the perfect data baseline to start your data journey. It also automates many processes, improving the efficiency of your organization.

The idea behind this enabling, turnkey technology is as simple as it is effective: First, ONE DATA Cartography automatically creates a complete, unified view or “map” of all your data assets, making administration and quality assurance easier. Subsequently, the system is able, for example, to accelerate the filling of existing data catalogs, to support the creation of GDPR and data quality reports, or to prepare for data migration.

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With ONE DATA Cartography, you can use AI to automatically identify weak points, disclose data connections, and keep an overview of your inventory. This builds a data foundation on which data products can be quickly and easily implemented, allowing you to achieve greater productivity, sustainability, and transparency company wide.

Please note: This product can be used on-premises or in the cloud. Ideally, turnkey provision via the cloud can take place within a few days.

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  1. See an overview of the entire data landscape

  2. Manage your data inventory

  3. Identify all data quality anomalies

  4. Prepare data products perfectly

ONE DATA Cartography is our implementation accelerator for data products.

How to Control Data with ONE DATA Cartography

1. See an overview of the entire data landscape

Data in companies often comes from opaque sources and the connectivity linking disparate data sets may not be accurate or complete. That’s why ONE DATA Cartography creates a ‘data map’, so you can check, manage, and locate your entire data landscape. You’ll be able to clearly view even vast, complex data volumes.

2. Manage your data inventory

Manually enter all your data and then ensure its quality? This would exceed the capacity of any data engineering team. That’s why ONE DATA Cartography does it for you. The solution automatically generates a complete inventory and manages databases across all connected source systems.

3. Identify all vulnerabilities

The success of data products largely depends on the quality of the data used in them. However, detecting anomalies in large data sets is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Powered by AI, ONE DATA Cartography automates this task.

4. Prepare data products perfectly

ONE DATA Cartography continuously automates and optimizes data. So, you’re always ready to implement a data product quickly and easily for your specific business case. You can rest assured that these turnkey implementations will run smoothly.

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Technical Data Governance: Success with Preconfigured Use Cases

Optimize your data governance with automated AI processes. ONE DATA Cartography includes preconfigured use cases that can be applied directly to existing data stocks for fast, top-quality results.

Data catalog

Is your existing catalog largely unused? Our product automatically provides updated and enriched data for your data catalog in the shortest possible time.

GDPR reports

ONE DATA Cartography checks data stocks for potentially sensitive content or content that may be subject to data protection laws.

Data migration

Transferring large volumes of data to the cloud requires planning security. In the preparation phase, ONE DATA Cartography identifies duplicates sensitive data, as well as data that can be easily migrated.

Data quality reports

ONE DATA Cartography creates automated data reports on data quality across the company. These can be used in management meetings, and more.

Questions & Answers

Please contact us if you have any questions about the application of these use cases in your company.

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Core Functions at a Glance

Manage complexity and search for (meta)data

Hierarchical zoom levels and visual levels group datasets according to their properties and allow you to easily navigate through the data landscape. Use the metadata-based search to find specific data and its connections.

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Automatically link, inventorize, and classify

Objective and unbiased decision-making requires complete data. Connectors let you access various sources. Use advanced algorithms and automated pipelines to generate a complete fingerprint of the corporate data landscape, including classification to recognize personal data, for example.

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Manage quality in real time

Check for quality anomalies using continuous, automated checks that are carried out in real time. Data managers can respond immediately to notifications and troubleshoot any detected issues. Help your teams speed up projects by up to 70% and stay up to date with the data they collect.

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Track unstructured data across systems

Consider our ONE DATA Golden Record data product to complement ONE DATA Cartography. Powered by AI, it ensures holistic and seamless data tracking across system boundaries. It helps to easily identify unstructured data and automatically connect data silos. The result? End-to-end analysis and maximum data transparency across company.

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Implement your data projects up to 70% faster.

Fast, flexible cloud deployment

ONE LOGIC provides flexible software options to integrate our solution into your IT infrastructure.

  • Cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform
  • Container-based cluster architecture via Kubernetes

Depending on your existing situation, cloud-based provision can ideally take place within a few days. We’re delighted to answer your specific questions about implementation.

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Download the product flyer on ONE DATA Cartography for free: “Manage Data Coherently with AI – and Use It Extensively”

With ONE DATA Cartography, you can use AI to automatically identify weak points, disclose data connections, and keep an overview of your inventory. This builds a data foundation on which data products can be quickly and easily implemented, allowing you to achieve greater productivity, sustainability, and transparency company wide.

  • See an overview of the entire data landscape
  • Manage your data inventory
  • Identify all vulnerabilities
  • Prepare data products perfectly

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