Optimize Audit Processes and Minimize Risks— with Automation and AI

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Internal audits are indispensable in helping your company to minimize risk and avoid potential legal complications. As auditing relies heavily on data analysis, ever-growing volumes of unstructured and fast-changing data are making an already complex task even more difficult. ONE DATA Audit is a scalable data product designed to help companies tackle the rising challenges of big data with the latest technology: It maximizes insight and minimizes manual effort.

ONE DATA Audit continuously analyzes the latest data from your ERP system to detect anomalies, such as double payments. The system is automated and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), considerably reducing manual effort and saving you time and effort. In addition, the entire process—from planning to follow-up—is consistent, harmonized and more transparent, because all auditors have access to the same single solution.

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ONE DATA Audit works with structured and unstructured data and is compatible with SAP ERP systems. The three program modules ‘Corporate Audit’, ‘Outlier Detection’, and ‘Anomaly Tracking’ work seamlessly together: The first two identify potential errors and store them in a ‘work stack’. The results can then be tracked in the tracking module.

Did you know that the turnkey implementation of ONE DATA Audit is incredibly fast? Depending on your starting point and connection to an SAP system, we can go live in as little as three months. Put us to the test and see how we do!

Future-Oriented Audits: Fast, Comprehensive, and Automated

1. Monitor even large ERP systems

A fully automated pipeline continuously identifies new risks and anomalies in corporate transactions. The auditor then labels and comments on these ‘hits’ within the same solution. You can rest assured that you’re always working with the latest data from your SAP ERP system. The scalable solution also conducts high-performance scans of large systems.

2. Find the unknown needle in the haystack

Using purely rule-based risk detection, you’ll only find known anomalies. Our AI-based program module ‘Outlier Detection’ goes a step further to process unstructured data and can identify previously unknown risks. And there’s more: The text mining tool lets you search for any term in free text fields and comments.

3. Get everything in one place

Disparate data makes collaboration difficult and requires intensive manual effort. With ONE DATA Audit, you can leverage up-to-date ERP data, analyze it, label it and comment—all in one place. It allows collaborators to follow up on findings in a centralized, and organized way.

4. Always stay up to date

A clear view of your data world is essential! This data product continuously checks for and tracks potential anomalies. With the live data connection, auditors always analyze the latest data and can identify risks in time. As soon as there’s a crucial anomaly in real-time use cases, you’ll be alerted.

5. Go live in no time

Developing, implementing, and provisioning comparable IT systems usually requires a huge effort. ONE DATA Audit is different: You can go live with our data product in the shortest possible time.

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Three Modules — One Ecosystem for Internal Audits

Corporate Auditing—analyze and break down

As a first step, Corporate Auditing automatically identifies different types of suspicious events in your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. It covers over 30 reports. You can see the aggregated dashboard and detailed drill-down tables at document line level to conduct an interactive analysis.

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Outlier Detection—continuously expand the scope of application

With Outlier Detection you can find unknown errors. Machine learning algorithms use AI to go beyond rule-based anomaly detection and identify suspicious elements in invoices, purchase orders, or supplier data.

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Anomaly Tracking—track deviations in real time

Forward identified risks directly to the tracking application for centralized investigation and follow-up.

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The perfect foundation: ONE DATA Cartography

It’s important to start right. Build a strong foundation for data products with ONE DATA Cartography: This essential system paves your route to success with data by connecting different data sources, including ERP systems, and making them available to ONE DATA Audit. It then helps you govern your data, identifies missing data, discloses all data connections, and continuously optimizes your database so you unlock the greatest potential from your data resources.

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Get it in less than 3 months: Our SAP-compatible system analyzes the latest data and minimizes effort.

Flexible cloud deployment

ONE LOGIC integrates our data product into your ecosystem using flexible software deployment.

  • Cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform
  • Container-based cluster architecture via Kubernetes
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Download the product flyer on ONE DATA Audit for free: “Optimizing Audit Processes and Minimizing Risks – with Automation and AI”

With ONE DATA Audit, you can minimize the risks of internal audits. This data product searches the ERP system for anomalies—even in unstructured data, dramatically reducing manual effort.

  • Monitor even large ERP systems
  • Find the unknown needle in the haystack
  • Always stay up to date
  • Go live in no time

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