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Thinking through the process from end to end.

It’s no surprise that valuable insights can be generated from data. But that’s not nearly enough for us at ONE LOGIC. We believe that even the best analysis and the most sophisticated algorithms are worthless if concrete action isn’t taken with the results. That’s why our data science experts are always focused on creating measurable value for your business.

We guide you and your team through every phase of the data science process. We can give you a quick start using our data products ONE DATA Cartography, ONE DATA Audit, ONE DATA Demand Sensing, and ONE DATA Golden Record. Alternatively, we can be at your side with advice and support throughout your journey: from conception and development to the successful go-live of your individual data product. After all, real value is only created from data when it’s used.

Move from initial insights to value creation faster.

Creating value from data is all-or-nothing. Only when a certain threshold of invested time and effort is reached in the transition to productive operation, does any measurable value arise for your company. ONE LOGIC accelerates your progress towards this goal.

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Four Phases to a Successful Go-Live

ONE LOGIC supports your organization at every level and throughout the data science development process.

We have years of experience in doing so. We use the Data Product Builder ONE DATA, to develop end-to-end data products that are fast, scalable, and highly flexible. With ONE DATA, a successful go-live succeeds sooner—no matter if you want to build on one of our data products for a commonly encountered challenge or realize a special use case.

Go Live Ten Times Faster

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With the support of our data science experts, our unique technology and extensive experience, you can generate value from your data significantly faster. During this rapid development and implementation process, you benefit from the unique know-how of our data science team. You also enjoy the massive acceleration effects of our fully integrated Data Product Builder ONE DATA. In our experience, a successful go-live happens up to ten times faster with ONE LOGIC.

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