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The foundation for all data products:

With our Data Product Builder ONE DATA, we lead your data science on the path to success: The key is starting with the right foundation—a holistic, integrated system that works up to 70 percent faster and scales up and down with ease.

A holistic system perfects data-driven value creation

Few companies use their data extensively enough to derive new value from it. They fail due to poor data quality and a lack of transparency, as well as low uptake by end users. We are changing this with the Data Product Builder ONE DATA: It puts a holistic process powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into place. The applications for the end user are also a part of our system and a key priority. They’re designed to be clear, easy to use, and tailor-made for the respective application.

Did you know? Our turn-key data products, ONE DATA Cartography, ONE DATA Demand Sensing, ONE DATA Audit, and ONE DATA Golden Record were developed with our Data Product Builder ONE DATA—further proof of the flexibility and diversity of this system.

3 Steps to Data Science Success

Guarantee the best data quality

Data science projects often require a lot of time-consuming data engineering—without a return on investment if the data quality is not spot on. The Data Product Builder ONE DATA automates this process, speeding it up by around 70 percent with AI. By the way: In our experience, most problems arise at the outset due to poor data quality. Our enabling technology, ONE DATA Cartography, can solve this by accelerating data preparation and engineering (among a host of other benefits).

  • Verified: Constantly looking for errors? Not here: Data from various sources is checked when it’s imported, so a high quality and usable structures and formats are assured.
  • Collaborative: A data science process that’s a confusing patchwork? Not with us. Our data science team can work in the same system if required. Everyone, from data architects and software developers to testers, can collaborate seamlessly with each other.
  • Open: You’re free to continue using other data sources. Our Data Product Builder ONE DATA drives a data science process that’s user-friendly, transparent, collaborative, and quality assured.

Fully prepare the use case

Many data products fail because they don’t address data quality issues and can’t be scaled. The Data Product Builder ONE DATA delivers transparency, governance, and data evaluations at the push of a button.

  • Stable: Many traditional AI models are not quality-assured and the database they draw from is not reliable or stable. Our Data Product Builder ONE DATA is different: The quality of the data models is monitored centrally and evaluated automatically.
  • Centralized: The decentralized creation of models – from several participants on different platforms – complicates connection processes and prevents ‘go-live’. With the Data Product Builder ONE DATA, everyone works in a central ‘lab’. Training, maintenance, and scaling of AI models are greatly simplified.
  • Fast: Quality-assured models are stored centrally and adapted for similar applications. In this way, data products can be implemented and scaled rapidly.
  • Tailor-made: All user interfaces are optimized for their respective process task—making them more user-friendly and increasing uptake among specialists.
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Focus on direct industrialization

Many data science projects rely on customized data products with a user interface. Developing these takes time and the user experience is generally poor. With the Data Product Builder ONE DATA, the provision of the frontend is greatly simplified within the platform. The result is a turnkey solution that end users can enjoy without help—even if they’re not data science experts.

  • Integrated: Why waste time and money developing every user interface from scratch? We offer an integrated development environment for the construction of the frontend and more.
  • Simple: Users avoid data products that are unintuitive and fail to meet their individual requirements. Data products created by our Data Product Builder ONE DATA are designed to appeal to their intended audience: They’re easy to use and aren’t designed for data experts. Even without specialized knowledge, users can create complex process analyses or simulations themselves.
  • Secured: The go-live of a data product runs smoothly, with technological hurdles eliminated. The user administration can then ensure that only authorized staff have access to the finished data product.
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70% faster processes

to develop data products.

3 Strong Arguments for ONE DATA

Dramatically shorten the path to achieving value-adding data products.

Lead your data science to success by standing strong on a uniform technological foundation—and generate value for the business faster than ever.


With the Data Product Builder ONE DATA, data science development doesn’t start from scratch—on the contrary: The available solutions, including codes, can easily be adapted and reused.


Scale up or down, depending on data volumes and complexity, the frequency of information required, and the installation.


Thanks to the integrated development environment (IDE), it’s fast and simple to implement applications.

Comprehensive Help and Easily Accessible Information

Do you have technical questions about ONE DATA or do you need technical details? Contact our Service Desk or visit our software documentation for help. You can also exchange ideas in our open community about the Data Product Builder ONE DATA and our data products and read which questions have already been answered by users and our experts. You can also arrange a demonstration of our Data Product Builder ONE DATA.


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