Overview of Our Data Products

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Transform data into sustainable value and success for your business—that’s what our turnkey data products stand for. Achieve targeted, optimized results across value chains and production processes.

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Valuable Data Landscapes at the Touch of a Button

Build the perfect base camp for your data journey. Then easily implement data products that add real value, then head to new heights of data governance with the power of AI.

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Prevent Production Downtime

Always keep track of the entire value chain, with a reliable early warning system that alerts you to disruptions at an early stage. Find workable alternatives fast to avoid expensive production downtime.

ONE DATA Supply Chain
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Generate extremely reliable forecasts

Predict future demands—and optimize your entire value and supply chain. This data product creates reliable, customized forecasts.

ONE DATA Demand Sensing
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onedata demand sensing
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Optimize audits

Minimize the risks of internal audits. This data product searches the ERP system for anomalies—even in unstructured data, dramatically reducing manual effort.

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Track data sets without gaps

Track data traces across all system boundaries and use AI to connect the right data sets—the ideal foundation for processes that run smoothly and add value.

ONE DATA Golden Record
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onedata golden record

Implement data products up to 70% faster.

Our turnkey data products directly optimize value chains and production processes.

Data science expertise

We’ll accompany your team through every phase of the data science process and provide all the support you need to quickly launch our data products.

Data Science Expertise
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Support: comprehensive help

Have any technical questions or need detailed information? Contact our Service Desk, see our Manuals, or visit our Community.


Data Product Builder ONE DATA

Get all the advantages of the complete system we use to implement our data products. Data Product Builder ONE DATA creates an end-to-end data science process powered by AI and machine learning.

Data Product Builder ONE DATA
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So, you’d like to get to know our data products better? Smart move. See our product pages and arrange a demo for your chosen product.

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