How we radically increase the pace of data science with ONE DATA

..faster: data-science processes run based on ONE DATA.

The flexible platform

Few companies leverage their data enough to create new value. Their efforts fail because of a lack of data quality and transparency, and due to the solution not being accepted by end users. We change this situation with ONE DATA: the Data Product Platform paves the way for a fully integrated data science process that incorporates machine learning operations (MLOps). As a result, use cases can be ramped up to industrial scale much more rapidly.

Data Products / AI


Data Engineering Services

You have the entire data pipeline under control with Data Catalogue, Data Cartography, etc.

Model / ServiceOps

Model Engineering and Development Services

Training, maintenance and management of models are easy and quality-assured.


Application Engineering Services

End users can get started directly with “their” application on the platform.

Security (Authentication and Authorization), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Governance, Analytics Governance and Explainability, Privacy-Preserving Compute

API Management, GitOps, Service Press

We use ONE DATA to guide data science to success: from data engineering to developing models to making applications available to end users. Everything takes place on an integrated Data Product Platform, making the process up to 50% faster and much easier to scale. You save on manpower while benefiting from enhanced data quality. The end result: a finished data product offering measurable added value for your business.

Data science success with ONE DATA in 3 steps:

Data engineering (DataOps):
guaranteeing the best data quality


guaranteeing the best data quality

  • Reviewed: Always looking for errors? Not here: data from various sources can be reviewed using Data Catalogue when it is imported, and its structure and quality can be guaranteed thanks to comprehensive Data Cartography.
  • Transparent: Data sets in companies often come from non-transparent sources. Despite this, they need to be linked together with zero errors and checked continually. At ONE LOGIC, this process is automated and transparent, and takes place centrally on a platform.
  • Cooperative: Piecemeal data-science processes are a thing of the past thanks to ONE DATA: here, the entire data-science team works on one platform. Data architects, software developers, testers and other team members can cooperate seamlessly with each other.

Model development (ModelOps):
preparing and processing a use case in full


preparing and processing a use case in full

  • Stable: Many traditional models lack quality assurance and their underlying data is unstable. With ONE DATA the quality of the models and all changes are monitored from a central location and automatically analyzed.
  • Centralized: When models are created locally by multiple stakeholders across different platforms, this makes it difficult to connect them and delays the project’s go-live date. With ONE DATA all participants work in a centralized lab, making AI model training, maintenance and scaling much easier.
  • Fast: Don’t always start over: quality-assured models are stored on the platform and can be adapted for use in similar use cases. Data products can then be rapidly developed and scaled.

Front-end applications (ApplicationOps):
focusing on direct scaling to industrial level


focusing on direct scaling to industrial level

  • Integrated: Building a new application from the ground up each time costs time and money. ONE DATA provides an integrated development environment for building front ends and applications.
  • Simple: Users will often dismiss a data-science solution due to its lack of user-friendliness. ONE DATA is simple to use and is designed for specialists and laypersons alike. Users can even create their own complex applications, including process analyses and simulations.
  • Secure: The finished applications can go live at the touch of a button – eliminating many technological hurdles associated with traditional data-science processes. A user-administration feature then ensures that the “right” people have access to the finished data product at all times.

Download the “ONE DATA -Facts and Figures-” information brochure now for free!

Few companies leverage their data enough to create new value. The “ONE DATA -Facts and Figures-” information brochure gives you a comprehensive overview of how to use the Data Product Platform ONE DATA to establish a rapid data-science process en route to developing a successful data product.

  • Pave the way for increased productivity and efficiency
  • Scale quickly and easily via a fully integrated platform
  • Measure your success accurately
  • Create ready-to-use data products offering added value at a rapid pace

Data products at ONE LOGIC:
3 questions – 3 answers

What makes ONE LOGIC data products unique?

We provide end-to-end solutions that create new value for your business. These solutions consist of flawlessly prepared data, models for processing the data, and finished applications for end users. ONE DATA is the catalyst for these three elements. The result: more value for your business. And our definition of ‘value’ is much broader than how others see it.

How can you be sure of finding the right applications?

This depends on the company’s needs first of all. What do you want to optimize? Where do you want to generate new knowledge? These are the questions that guide us. We take a step-by-step approach where we explore complex processes (in production, order planning, supply chain, etc.), assess the relevant data and successively build up domains. This provides the structure for developing successful data products.

Can the success of a data product be measured?

Frequency of use, data quality and stability are classic criteria that are used to measure the success of a data service. For data products – i.e. complete end-to-end applications – we also measure typical business KPIs that are improved thanks to our solutions.

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Take our data-science quiz to see how much you know. Afterward, you can download our “ONE DATA – Facts and Figures” information brochure, which sets out how to organize data science as a smooth, error-free process.

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