ONE DATA is a Big Data analytics platform enabling our customers to identify potentials of various data sources within a short time to establish sustainable value from discovered insights. It simplifies and accelerates the realization of Big Data projects by using innovative technologies like Spark and Hadoop. The user can easily access the web-based platform via an intuitive HTML5 user interface.

ONE DATA utilizes so called processors for data preparation, data analytics as well as data storage tasks. Those processors can be arranged into a workflow undertaking the actual processing task. This is done in an intuitively and user-friendly way via a visual programming language lowering the entry barrier especially for novice users.

ONE DATA processes data from multiple sources (e.g. SAP HANA, data warehouses, relational databases, REST APIs, Twitter streaming, CSV, etc.) and enables easy modeling of selected methods within workflows. A rich set of statistical methods (e.g. neuronal networks or decision trees) can be combined in a single workflow and are computed in parallel to identify the most suitable set of algorithms.

All analyses are directly run in the tool and their statistical results can be accessed and graphically displayed within the analysis workflows (e.g. a decision tree). To assure traceability and auditing, all run analyses are historically stored.

Additionally, ONE DATA covers the creation of dynamic reports which are automatically updated and can be obtained via a structured dashboard. A wide variety of interactive visualization tools allows individual configuration and any desired adaption by the user to prepare tailored reports. Moreover, the visualization tools support exploratory data analysis and can be extended on customer demand. The generated findings can be exported to existing BI tools by standardized data formats.


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