13. JULY 2021 ONE LOGIC in the Handelsblatt

"I Want to Build a Champion; a Company of the Importance of an SAP"

Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director of ONE LOGIC, talks to Handelsblatt about Ambitions and Growth Plans.

Handelsblatt is one of the most renowned and most cited German newspapers that deals with economic and financial topics. Our Founder and Managing Director, Andreas Böhm, had the opportunity to give interesting insights into our company in an interview with the newspaper.

Visiting our Munich office (photo above), Handelsblatt was able to get a first-hand impression of ONE LOGIC and our company culture. In the article, you can learn more about our origins, our goals, and the work we do that convinces customers time and time again.

ONE LOGIC is a leading company for the use of artificial intelligence. We’re growing, driven by our ambitions and by continuously setting ourselves new, challenging goals. “I want to build a champion; a company of the importance of SAP,” says Andreas Böhm during the interview with Handelsblatt.

Our approach uses AI to help generate sustainable added value for the business. Handelsblatt explains: “With its help, data can be used to predict customer behavior and control operating processes more efficiently. Increasing sales while simultaneously lowering production costs is what we deliver.”

Our data products are designed to help companies from a wide variety of industries make data usable, unlocking its value for the business—or as Handelsblatt writes: “With the company, Böhm wants to provide the IT platform with which companies can use their data more intelligently. Until now, the inventories of most companies have been in a state of uncontrolled growth, with data being managed rather than cleverly used for business.”

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