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There is almost an unlimited potential for data products to increase efficiency in retail, whether it’s in marketing, logistics, or at the point of sale. Predicting customer behavior, reacting quickly to market fluctuations, or sensing long-term trends are just a few examples where AI-assisted products can have a positive impact.

Comprehensive data analysis has become a basic requirement for success in retail. Data-driven retail companies have higher profit margins than their competitors, they adapt their products more quickly to market needs, and work more purposefully on innovations. This all sounds good, but how can you get a complete picture of your customers, markets, and business processes? The answer: Data quality makes the difference.


1. Predicting the market

Data products are revolutionizing retail market analysis. The economic potential is enormous. Large retailers already have huge amounts of data on sales, inventory and product pricing, transactions in stores, customer loyalty programs, and from external sources. As a result, dynamic pricing can be established in line with demand and sales volumes can be forecast based on influencing factors. What role does the weather play in demand? How about marketing campaigns? What does a price change affect? Data-based answers help optimize inventory, reduce transportation costs, deploy personnel more efficiently, and reduce production waste. Costly “out-of-stock” situations and other unforeseen circumstances can be a thing of the past.

2. Understanding the customer

Large retailers are already collecting data from more than a million transactions every hour. And that’s just the beginning. The Internet of Things has come to brick-and-mortar retail operations too. Wireless sensors can track customers within a store and map their behavior. This creates even more data on customer habits and interests. With the help of data products, it’s possible to identify overarching patterns of action and to forecast customer behavior. As a result, retailers can focus on areas of high demand, address individual customers personally, adjust products and pricing, identify trends, and much more.

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Our Data Products in Action for Retailers

Is it time to increase sales and reduce costs? Our data products impact the entire retail value chain. ONE LOGIC offers comprehensive advice on the potential for positive outcomes.

ONE DATA Cartography

To use your data from sales, logistics, warehouse processes, and production efficiently, you need the perfect starting position—and that begins with ONE DATA Cartography. Our technology visualizes all your data as a map, automatically cleanses it, and links it using AI. With ONE DATA Cartography, you have a solid foundation to implement any number of other data products.

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ONE DATA Demand Sensing

What does the customer want and how does the market react? Answer the most important questions in retail precisely, with ONE DATA Demand Sensing. Now, companies can predict future demand, manage their inventory accordingly, and adjust production and prices accurately.

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Whether it’s identifying risks in a supply chain, checking warehouse performance, or any other potential issues, internal audits are indispensable for retail. ONE DATA Audit automates many essential audit processes, reliably detecting risks and anomalies faster and with less effort than purely manual audits.

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ONE DATA Golden Record

The success of retail is based on the interaction of a complex value chain—from production and logistics to the point of sale. To perfect this process, it is important to have uniform data records and tracking across every system and business—and this is what ONE DATA Golden Record provides.

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