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No other industry generates as much data as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

This vast quantity of data is a great opportunity for targeted research, more flexible production, and more efficient supply chains. The financial upsides are huge. Many emerging biotech companies are already taking advantage of data—and using data science and big data to develop new approaches, such as structural models that form the basis for new drug designs.

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1. Goal-oriented research

It’s a long journey to the release of a pharmaceutical product. Of 25,000 preparations in the lab, only 25 on average are tested on humans, five make it to market, and only one of them recoups the cost of investment. Plus, the whole process can take 10 years or more.

With the help of data science, this journey can be shortened. Automated genome sequencing, for example is just one way that artificial intelligence (AI) can help. The use of data science in the analysis of molecule collections and their properties is also of interest. The overarching aim is to classify, understand, and interpret data. With data as a tool in drug development, new predictions and insights are now possible, for example, we could discover why some patients do not respond to a drug or which drug candidates are suitable for further trials.

2. Efficient production

Pharmaceutical production demands high quality and safety standards. Regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent, there are significant fluctuations in demand, and increasingly complex product portfolios are now the norm. This is where data science can help optimize the production process—from real-time process monitoring to preventive maintenance. For example, supply chain optimization can be used to predict production volumes and procure the needed quantities of raw materials in advance, avoiding bottlenecks.

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3. Comprehensive market monitoring

The future of the pharmaceutical industry is the individual. Personalized medicine in which drugs are “tailored” to a single patient, is a massive growth sector. This leads to more complex markets with demand that fluctuates dramatically. With data science, companies can track future demand and respond to undersupply.

Our Data Products in Pharma and Biotech

We provide comprehensive advice on the use of AI, data science, and advanced analytics along the entire value chain and identify effective areas of application. In doing so, our data products provide measurable added value.

ONE DATA Cartography

A high-performance infrastructure creates the basis for targeted data projects. That’s what ONE DATA Cartography enables. Data from research, production, supply chains, and the market are collected, mapped, and automatically cleaned and enriched. ONE LOGIC AI technology links the data, showing meaningful, but otherwise invisible connections and interdependencies. This enabling technology is the foundation for our other data products.

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ONE DATA Supply Chain

Supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry are complex: In some cases, a single drug may require up to 80 different material suppliers—and the failure of any individual supplier causes expensive production downtime. ONE DATA Supply Chain helps prevent this. The system monitors the entire supply chain, establishes an early warning system, and shows viable alternative options in the event of disruption.

ONE DATA Demand Sensing

Calculate rapid developments and fluctuations in demand in advance and react with appropriate production and sales adjustments. With ONE DATA Demand Sensing, resources can be optimally utilized, and sales potential can be fully exploited.

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Compliance is a top priority in the pharmaceutical industry and competitive pressure demands fast, reliable internal auditing. With ONE DATA Audit, internal auditors can automatically minimize risks and identify anomalies in all relevant processes.

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ONE DATA Golden Record

Whether supply chain, sales or DSGVO requirements, uniform master data records are the basis for proper, efficient, and goal-oriented processes. With ONE DATA Golden Record, related data records can be optimized and tracked across systems and business boundaries.

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