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Industrial data science focuses on the entire value chain: When all sources of data are intelligently networked, they contribute to corporate success. This is the baseline of what we can achieve—but what comes after this can put you on the road to perfection.

From production planning, logistics and supply chain management to machine maintenance, the manufacturing industry is on its way to a fully digitized future. Data analysis is the basic requirement for this transformation and the technical foundation is a comprehensive, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)—the networking of machines and plants. The expected value created from this process is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions.

perfektionierte produktion

1. Perfected production

Industry 4.0 rests on two pillars. Firstly, sensors are increasingly being integrated into machines and systems. They generate data on the condition of production equipment and the produced components. Secondly, machine controllers and comprehensive MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) continuously collect this data. Using intelligent data products, we can diagnose and predict issues within production machinery and monitor production quality based on patterns in the sensor data. When we incorporate historical and seasonal sales volumes into this data, production volumes can also be synchronized with demand.

2. Automated value chains

For Industry 4.0 value chains to operate efficiently, they must be controlled automatically and respond autonomously to changing markets—a tall order. For this to work, all participating companies must exchange information about workpieces and processes (horizontal integration). Additionally, every aspect within a company must be networked to collect data (vertical integration). Data products are what make this possible. They monitor value-added processes, perform cost analyses based on materials and customer specifications, and improve delivery reliability.

automatisierte wertschoepfungskette
neue geschaeftsmodelle und maerkte

3. New business models and markets

The “big data” of Industrial IoT is an ideal foundation for new business models. These range from service offerings in mechanical engineering (such as predictive maintenance), to the transformation of entire industries into pay-per-use providers. Data can help to better understand changing markets. For example, what kind of car will customers want in the future, and how will their sales develop? Consolidated data combines expertise from different sectors to provide precise answers to these kinds of questions.

Our Data Products for Industrial Production and Automotive Engineering

We provide comprehensive advice on the use of our data products—in production, for market monitoring, or for comprehensive control of the entire value chain.

ONE DATA Cartography

Successful data products that can optimize your production flow are based on perfect infrastructure. With the help of ONE DATA Cartography, all data from production, sales, and logistics are mapped and visualized, cleaned, and linked with each other using AI. Thanks to ONE DATA Cartography, implementing data products is now easier and faster than ever before.

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ONE DATA Demand Sensing

Many markets are undergoing fundamental change. Customers, for example, make decisions based on comparison portals and assemble individual products using web configurators. With ONE DATA Demand Sensing, you can calculate market developments in advance and react appropriately, for example, with changes in production.

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Many components in industrial production are system-relevant—technical defects or incomplete component traceability endanger end-product quality. Because of this, internal auditing is indispensable. With ONE DATA Audit, internal auditing becomes an automated process that reliably detects risks and anomalies.

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ONE DATA Golden Record

Industrial production relies on teamwork. Increasingly complex products are the result of many companies and experts successfully interacting. To ensure a perfect supply chain and uniform production standards under these conditions, ONE DATA Golden Record is essential. This data product ensures that data records are coherent and uniform across systems and business boundaries. It also enables seamless tracking.

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