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For businesses, data science is the key to finding relevant patterns in data, gaining valuable insights and being able to make better decisions more quickly. This paves the way for enhanced productivity, more knowledge and increased planning security. At ONE LOGIC, we draw on our extensive expertise and an agile, results-oriented approach to assist you across all stages of the data-science journey.

5 stages
From the idea to a successful go-live

Still at the start of your data-science journey? Already working on your first use cases? Projects getting bogged down by time-consuming data-engineering processes? Finding it difficult to migrate your use cases?

ONE LOGIC helps your business across all organizational levels along the entire data-science journey. Relying on experience built up over many years, we support you in developing end-to-end data products that are fast, highly flexible and deliver measurable results. Our Data Product Platform ONE DATA enables you to migrate use cases quickly and easily and scale them as required.

  1. Strategy:
    The initiative stage

    “We want to finally be able to use our data!”

    When organizing data science for the first time, it is vital to set everything on the right strategic track. Developing data products should not be seen as an end in itself – the aim is for these products to help write your company’s success story as soon as possible. Our data science experts will help you create the initial concepts, establish the right organizational structure and set the agenda needed to make data-driven decisions.

  2. Use case:
    The discovery stage

    “Which use cases are truly promising?”

    Once the initial data science structures and resources are in place, the next step is to conduct an analysis to identify the most promising use cases in key business areas. Our data science team brings its extensive practical experience to the table, helping you to uncover those use cases which will offer added value, and to turn your ideas into a comprehensive early-stage architecture.

  3. Reality check:
    The PoC stage

    “Does the use case deliver on its promise?”

    In stage three, the use case ideas and structures now have to be tested in a practical setting. To do so, we work with you to draw up a proof of concept (PoC) for the most promising use cases. If the PoC generates valuable insights, the data product can then be developed via our data product platform ONE DATA.

  4. …and action:
    The pilot stage

    ONE DATA extra power >>

    “How can we use data products in a way that creates value?”

    Once the use cases have proven their potential, we conduct an exemplary pilot study to ensure that your data products can make a measurable contribution to the production environment. At the same time we take care of training and migrate the use cases and app management services to ONE DATA, making everything available from a single, integrated, flexible platform.

  5. End to end:
    The “real life” stage

    ONE DATA extra power >>

    “The data science operation is in place, but how can we ensure consistently high quality?”

    We help you with every aspect of your data product: implementation, long-term operation, maintenance and expansion. This enables you to keep creating value for your business. ONE DATA makes maintenance simple while allowing for fast, flexible scaling of the data product. The modular system can be customized very easily and integrated using standardized software extensions. This is how we keep honing your data diamonds for maximum return.

Complete data-science expertise
available on a flexible Data Product Platform

Our data-science services help you develop high-quality end-to-end data products and innovative business models much quicker across all stages of the journey. We also help your organization to build agile processes based on DataOps, DevOps, Model / ServiceOps and ApplicationOps. When developing and implementing your data products, you benefit from our extensive experience in data science thanks to our fully integrated, flexible Data Product Platform ONE DATA.

The platform comes with a host of standardized software extensions based on successful use cases. These best practice modules allow typical use cases to be rapidly adapted to your business requirements in ONE DATA and implemented accordingly, while reducing the risks and costs associated with developing data products

Standardized extensions
are available for the following use cases:

Forecasting Engine

Predict and process key metrics based on historical data with the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms. more..

Root Cause Analysis

Perform automated root cause analyses to optimize relevant business processes quickly with an aim to increase value.

Anomaly Detection

Detect deviations in any data structures or volumes. more..

Data Cartography

Identify, display and connect data structures and data relationships automatically and clearly using Data Cartography.

Digital Twin

Use a digital twin to create a virtual image of real-world processes and objects, with an aim to identify valuable data and generate added value.

Process Analytics

Automatically visualize and analyze all actual processes to establish a realistic starting point for optimization.

Financial Planning

Take advantage of analysis, key figures, forecasts and reports as part of your company’s strategic finance planning.


ONE LOGIC podcast

Data Doppio

Data Doppio – your data science wake-up shot

Data Doppio offers you insights into the innovative ideas and practical aspects of data science. Your hosts are Dr. Andreas Böhm, founder and managing director at ONE LOGIC, and Dr. Sebastian Wernicke, chief data scientist at ONE LOGIC. The two speak to expert guests about the opportunities offered by machine learning, AI and data products, and how they can help you turn data into added value for your business.

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