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End-to-End Data Products for More Productivity

This is us in a nutshell: We transform large amounts of data into real business value for your organization — quickly, with our agile, creative teams. At the heart of what we do, lies our enabling technology, ONE DATA Cartography, plus a range of turnkey data products, and the specialized know-how of our data science and artificial intelligence (AI) experts. The result? Tangible benefits for our customers, every day.

At the launch of ONE LOGIC in 2013, our founder Andreas Böhm shared his vision of building a European AI champion with a home-grown technology platform. Two years later, the launch of the Data Product Builder ONE DATA marked a major step in this direction. Today, we also have ONE DATA Cartography, enabling technology and end-to-end data products that allow our customers to boost their productivity and capabilities. Many global companies now depend on our technology.

It’s what we achieve in practice that truly counts

Currently, almost 300 employees work at our locations in Passau, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, and Zurich and we’re proud to be a leader in the application of AI. Our formula for success? All new AI products must immediately prove their value in practice—industrialization is key! This is only achievable through close teamwork and proximity to our customers and partners. We live and breathe data science and stand at the cutting edge of research, building cooperations with universities, and supporting society and industry at large with our sustainable data products.

Our Mission

  1. Our vision

    is to reveal the truth and whole story of your data, to unlock its value and drive profitability for your business—that’s our goal, every day.

  2. Our mission

    is to develop innovative, standardized, end-to-end data products that transform all types of data into business value faster and more efficiently.

  3. Our strategy

    is that these data products will be used in every company —as a basis for their future success.

Our History

    • Year: 2022
    • Milestone:

      ONE LOGIC opens offices in Berlin and Zurich. The number of employees now stands at just under 300. With the launch of ONE DATA Cartography, ONE LOGIC has a standardized enabling technology for visualizing data landscapes. In addition, ONE LOGIC responds to current geopolitical challenges in global supply chains with its new data product ONE DATA Supply Chain.

    • Year: 2021
    • Milestone:

      Gartner®, Inc., declares ONE LOGIC as a "2021 Gartner Cool Vendors™ in AI Core Technologies". We’re the only German company to receive this distinction. In September, ONE LOGIC has successfully completed a Series B funding round, spearheaded by Salvia GmbH, raising an eight-figure sum. In addition to this, the steel manufacturer thyssenkrupp Steel Europe optimizes its internal processes with the Data Product Builder ONE DATA.

    • Year: 2020
    • Milestone:

      ONE LOGIC receives the Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s "Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business" award and becomes a member of the AI Federal Association. For the first time, a forecast and recommendation tool from ONE LOGIC is used in the automotive industry to help retailers better predict and respond to their customers' needs. Markant, Europe’s leading retail partner, relies on an AI-based sales forecast from ONE LOGIC to increase sales while lowering resource consumption.

    • Year: 2019
    • Milestone:

      The third ONE LOGIC office opens in Frankfurt. In total, the company now employs more than 100 people.

Milestones before 2019
    • Year: 2018
    • Milestone:

      ONE LOGIC is honored with Bavaria’s "Best 50"—an award from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, State Development and Energy for the fastest-growing mid-sized companies in Bavaria.

    • Year: 2017
    • Milestone:

      The company expands and moves into larger premises in Passau.

    • Year: 2016
    • Milestone:

      The office in Munich opens. ONE LOGIC hosts the annual Passau Data Science Summit for the first time. The focus is on the sustainable use of data science and the current state of AI research.

    • Year: 2014
    • Milestone:

      The young start-up begins to develop its Data Product Builder ONE DATA. One year later, the first version goes live.

    • Year: 2013
    • Milestone:

      Andreas Böhm founds ONE LOGIC in a small office in Passau. His vision is to build a European AI champion with its own platform.

Our Structure

Three business units make up our organizational framework: Business Development, Delivery, and Business Functions. To best meet the needs of our customers, our Product Development and Delivery teams operate as cross-sectional units: Both are driven by data science and software development. This ensures that processes are as fast and efficient as possible, and results are optimized for each customer, every time.

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Our Management

Founder Andreas Böhm (Delivery Unit), Stefan Roskos (Business Development), and Christian Aumüller (Business Functions) make up our management board. They are supported in their decision-making by the advisory board. For a quick look at our employees and diversity goals, please see Join the Team.

Andreas Böhm

Managing Director, Founder

dr andreas boehm onelogic
Stefan Roskos

Managing Director

dr stefan roskos one logic
Christian Aumüller


christian aumueller onelogic

ONE LOGIC Business Units

Our business units are closely interlinked to maximize innovation and ensure that implementations run smoothly. See below for a high-level overview of our core competencies.

Important: We cultivate an open, mutually respectful, and nurturing environment throughout the company. Find out more about our work culture and values on our “Join the Team“-page.

Data Science
onelogic zyie wang
Ziye Wang, Director Data Science

Our focus on productive data science means that I don’t only gain new insights from data but can see first-hand how our customers are improving their business with data.

Ziye Wang, Director Data Science

We have the expertise to accompany you through every phase of your data science journey from proof-of-concept (PoC) to production. The Data Science team provides advice and support in the design, development, and successful go-live of our individual data products. We also enable quick time-to-value with our data products: ONE DATA Cartography, ONE DATA Demand Sensing, ONE DATA Audit, and ONE DATA Golden Record.

How we work

We strive to offer agile services. For us, it’s not just about data science and technology but its impact on real humans. We never forget the ‘people’ aspect of our business. We also take every company stakeholder with us on our business and data journeys, involving and inspiring them. Most of our projects are developed and delivered with the help of our Data Product Builder ONE DATA. This isn’t rocket science; just a rock-solid ‘data science tech stack’ (Spark, Python, Docker, git)—but with better integration and more powerful templates.

Our role in the company

Data Science plays a pivotal role in ONE LOGIC’s business model. It’s what unites our teams. We actively support the development of data products and end-to-end solutions for our customers. We’re committed to productive data science solutions that are fully integrated into the IT and processes of our customers to create sustainable business value with a high degree of automation.

The team

As of 2022, our unit has just over 60 data scientists at the Passau, Munich, and Frankfurt sites. We operate as cross-functional teams when developing and implementing a product. So, a project team may consist of data scientists, customer delivery managers, DevOps, and UX/UI experts, for example. We attach great importance to a working environment in which everyone feels heard, valued, and comfortable.

Software Development
onelogic katharina halasz
Katharina Halasz, Principal Engineering Manager

The work in the field of software development is incredibly varied. We implement our data products from end to end—from initial grand design down to the smallest detail, and answer user questions. I particularly appreciate how international our team is, and our culture of open communication.

Katharina Halasz, Principal Engineering Manager

The Software Development unit is responsible for the (further) development of our Data Product Builder ONE DATA and our other data products: ONE DATA Cartography, ONE DATA Demand Sensing, ONE DATA Audit, and ONE DATA Golden Record, as well as future data products. Our tasks include processing customer enquiries from the service desk. We work closely with the Data Science unit.

How we work

We use a variety of different technologies for our work, such as Java 11, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, and Apache Spark. Frontend development typically includes VueJS and Typescript, plus AngularJS for older components. Our motto is: Use the best tool for the job! Our software architecture is based on microservices.

Our role in the company

Software Development plays a pivotal role throughout the company—in the further development of our Product Builder ONE DATA, and the implementation of specific data products, it’s the interface where all units meet. We’re closely tied to the customer services unit, and have a great responsibility in terms of customer satisfaction. Testing, which ensures the functionality and usability of our products, is equally important.

The team

The Software Development unit consists of cross-functional teams with a diverse mix of skills, including Engineers, Product Managers, Software Developers, Data Scientists, Test Engineers, and UX/UI Designers. Within these individual units, the structure of the teams is horizontal—so the team leader is responsible for setting the direction, but the entire team takes the project forward. Regular training (on Python, Kubernetes, or Cypress for example) is an integral part of our work.

User Experience (UX)
christina mueller
Christina Müller, UI Designer

As the UX team at ONE LOGIC, we help improve our software and develop data products every day. To do so, we work closely with developers and data scientists. We transform rather conservative applications with many tables into beautiful apps that people like to use.

Christina Müller, UI Designer

If something is easy to use, it was hard to design. That’s why the user experience (UX) is key to the success of our products. We strive for end-to-end user-centricity. It’s a time-consuming process to make an interface lean, attractive, and needs-based. Using a step-by-step methodology, we shape the usability and design of every feature and function. From the outset, we ensure that products are aligned closely with the requirements of our users. We’re firmly anchored in product development processes where we create software for user research, usability engineering, and UI (user interface) design.

How we work

It all starts with the user, which is why user research is a critical first step—every design is doomed to failure if we don’t understand the thoughts, expectations, and habits of our intended audience. We then rely on a toolbox of proven methods and tools, plus a wealth of experience within the team. For example, we use cases and ‘Jobs to be Done’ theory to gain insight into user requirements, personas, and user journeys. Together, this helps us create a clear overall picture of our audience. During this process, we ensure that we’re meeting the usability standards of our Data Product Builder ONE DATA and other data products. We also work on key ‘hero features’ to craft a particularly smooth and positive experience. All our work is underpinned by the principles of Design Thinking.

Our role in the company

Over the last few years, UX has grown into a separate department at ONE LOGIC and has become an integral part of the product vertical. We blend user experience and data science—where technology meets real humans! Together with the many data scientists at ONE LOGIC, we can closely integrate the actual users of our products into the development process. Another priority for our team is customer projects in which we’re also firmly anchored. UX is an interdisciplinary field after all, and we liaise with other departments to be most effective. Collaboration drives innovation across all units.

The team

At the time of writing (first quarter, 2022), there are six employees working in the user experience unit. Beyond their role in the UX team, all designers are also members of a broader software team. We make use of various methodologies and tools to drive innovation and efficiency: the buddy principle (two colleagues operating as a single unit so they’re able to monitor and help each other), regular team meetings, our own design system, and our annual Design Festival, where we devote two days to developing and exploring team culture and future topics. Our motto: Mutual trust and individual responsibility. We expect everyone to take ownership of their projects and outcomes. We work towards developing and promoting a positive UX company-wide—after all, the experience of our products is integral to the overall success of ONE LOGIC.

Our Cooperatives

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