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ONE DATA Cartography

The solution to increased productivity lies deep within in your data. But you can only unearth these opportunities, and make use of them, if you understand how it all connects.

ONE DATA Cartography revolutionizes this monumental task, creating valuable links between data, and putting a stop to any data chaos resulting from data silos, heterogeneous systems, and inadequate data governance.

What’s more, you can add immediate value to your organization with our data science expertise and turnkey data products, ONE DATA Supply Chain, ONE DATA Demand Sensing, ONE DATA Audit and ONE DATA Golden Record.

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Industry Expertise for Your Success

Every industry has its own challenges. We are focused on three: manufacturing and automotive, retail, pharma and biotech. Here, we use our turnkey data products and specialized expertise to identify the decisive levers that increase value creation and productivity.

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Our Data Products: Success Guaranteed

With ONE DATA Cartography, your data is ready to be used in our data products to create immediate business value and help solve your most pressing business challenges. ONE LOGICs turnkey solutions and data science expertise are a potent combination, ready for rapid deployment.

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Utilize Valuable Data Landscapes

ONE DATA Cartography enables efficient technical data governance and creates the perfect foundation for other ONE LOGIC data products.

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Prevent production downtime

Monitor the entire supply chain and establish an early warning system to permanently prevent expensive production downtime.

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Boost Business Performance

Create the most advanced sales forecasts to drive revenue, enable efficient production planning and logistics, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Proactively Detect Anomalies

Minimize the risks in internal audit processes, detect anomalies and continuously monitor ERP systems.

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Track Across Boundaries

Compare and connect data silos throughout your complete ecosystem, enabling reliable tracking, increasing data quality, and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

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Data Science Expertise

Accelerate Your Go-Live

We accompany you and your team through every data science phase. Be it a fast start with our turnkey data products or at every step until the successful go-live of your individual data product.

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Thought Leadership

Profound Knowledge for Smart Decisions

Get the latest market observations and trend research form companies such as Gartner Inc. and our insights about central challenges around Data Science, AI and Co.

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Data Doppio—Your Data Science Wake-Up Shot

At Data Doppio, you will gain practical insights and innovative ideas from Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director at ONE LOGIC and Sebastian Wernicke, Chief Data Scientist at ONE LOGIC.

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