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We transform your data into long-term success. And we do it fast.

Data can help businesses become more successful – when it is used in a targeted way in product development, market projections, forecasts and more.

This is our mission as Germany’s leading AI company and the aim that drives our data products. For us, “data science” is about transforming complex data into lasting value and success for your business. And we’re much quicker at doing this than others.

What are data products?

Ultimately, data is just information. If it isn’t interpreted, it has no real value. With the help of data products, data is enriched with analyses and models to generate valuable information.

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Taking data science to the next level with the leading AI company in Germany:

5 stages – 5 approaches

We assist companies at every stage of their journey, so they can turn data-science initiatives into practical applications as quickly as possible.

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  1. The initiative stage

  2. The discovery stage

  3. The PoC stage

  4. The pilot stage ONE DATA extra power >>

  5. The “real life” stage ONE DATA extra power >>


ONE DATA: the polished diamond

Our Data Product Platform ONE DATA is designed to speed up the data-science journey from raw data to polished end-to-end data product. Integral to this process are three key elements that we bring together:

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The path to the future
Tomorrow’s data products. Today!

„Through 2023, at least 50% of IT leaders will struggle to move their AI predictive projects past proof of concept to a production level of maturity.”

(Source: Gartner, “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021: AI Engineering”, December 2020)

Our mission: to achieve this goal now and make practical application a reality.

ONE LOGIC podcast

Data Doppio

Data Doppio – your data science wake-up shot

Data Doppio offers you insights into the innovative ideas and practical aspects of data science. Your hosts are Dr. Andreas Böhm, founder and managing director at ONE LOGIC, and Dr. Sebastian Wernicke, chief data scientist at ONE LOGIC. The two speak to expert guests about the opportunities offered by machine learning, AI and data products, and how they can help you turn data into added value for your business.

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Publication: March 2021

New developments from the world of data science

ONE LOGIC expands executive board

Dr. Klaus Geißdörfer from ZF Friedrichshafen AG will provide strategic support with our international expansion and offer his expertise in navigating the corporate landscape starting in March.

Looking to the future of AI and mobility in Europe together!

ONE LOGIC presents two use cases to EU transport ministers that can solve traffic and logistical problems through the use of artificial intelligence.

Winner of the Grand Prix Mittelstand

ONE LOGIC has arrived in the mid-market – we have been awarded the “Grand Prix Mittelstand” by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation

How ONE LOGIC could help BioNTech with its coronavirus vaccine

Our founder and managing director Dr. Andreas Böhm talks about the company’s longstanding partnership with BioNTech.

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ONE LOGIC success stories

We use our data-science expertise and the benefits of our Data Product Platform ONE DATA to help businesses operating in various branches.

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