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ONE DATA Cartography

When data is used comprehensively, it has the power to drive productivity company-wide. However, it’s vital that data insight from individual departments isn’t lost. Instead, all data should be easily accessible throughout the company. This is how high-quality “data as a product” is created—and forms the technological foundation of the data mesh concept.

Our innovative ONE DATA Cartography is the technological foundation for the data mesh, transforming it from concept to reality—and forever changing how companies use data: It retrieves data from silos and centralized technologies such as data lakes, and connects multiple data owners. The result? Fully accessible data that’s a strategic asset and managed in accordance with federated technical data governance.
On this strong technological base, you can continue you data journey easily: Discover our applications ONE DATA Supply Chain, ONE DATA Demand Sensing, and ONE DATA Audit to quickly unlock even greater value from data.

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Industry Expertise for Your Success

Every industry has its own challenges. We are focused on three: manufacturing and automotive, pharma and biotech, and retail. Here, we use our turnkey applications and specialized expertise to identify the decisive levers that increase value creation and productivity.

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Our Products: Success Guaranteed

With our enabling technology, ONE DATA Cartography, companies benefit from a data integration tool that implements the principles of the data mesh, transforming it from concept to reality. Subsequently, they can use data across multiple departments to truly unlock value for their whole business. ONE LOGIC’s turnkey applications and data science expertise are a potent combination: Get ready for rapid deployment.

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Use data landscapes across departments

Create the perfect data mesh foundation for our applications: Decentralized data ownership moves ownership to the experts responsible and gives everyone the access they need.

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Prevent production downtime

Monitor the entire supply chain, establish an early warning system, and help banish expensive production downtime, forever!

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Boost business performance

Create the most advanced sales forecasts to drive revenue, enable efficient production planning and logistics, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Proactively detect anomalies

Optimize audit processes, detect unknown anomalies, and minimize the risks to your company.

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Hands-on Insights & Networking at Our Events

At the ONE LOGIC events, we show you how to turn data into real added value for your business. You will gain insights into the practical use of data science and AI – delivered first hand from our data science experts. Our events naturally offer unique opportunities for discussions and networking, too.

Thought Leadership

Profound Knowledge for Smart Decisions

Get the latest market observations and trend research form companies like Gartner Inc. and our insights about the central challenges around Data Science, AI and more.


Data Doppio—Your Data Science Wake-Up Shot

At Data Doppio, you'll hear about practical insights and innovative ideas from Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director at ONE LOGIC and Sebastian Wernicke, Chief Data Scientist at ONE LOGIC.


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